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  • 11 Sites like Upwork for freelancers who need clients fast

    Sure, sites like Upwork can be a really quick way to find new clients and get freelance jobs. But the competition on there is fierce! 🔥 Here are 11 other sites you can use to find clients –

  • 59% Generation Z Spending More Time on YouTube

    HubSpot contributor Clifford Chi has shared new 2019 YouTube demographics data which reveals interesting trends about video viewers. Findings include: Over 90% of 18-44 year old American internet users watch videos on YouTube. Over 80% of 45-64 year old American internet users watch videos on YouTube. Over half of American internet users who are aged 65 and over watch videos on YouTube. 59% of Generation Z (16-24-year-olds) have increased their YouTube usage since last year. 46% of millennials (25-34-year-olds) have increased their YouTube usage since last year. 70% of millennial YouTube users watched a YouTube video to learn how to do something new or learn about something they’re interested in.

  • Lessons From Analyzing 12 Million Outreach Emails

    The Backlinko team has published the findings from an analysis of 12 million outreach emails. Outreach emails with long subject lines achieve 24.6% higher average response rate Emailing the same contact multiple times leads to 2x more responses Personalized subject lines boost response rate by 30.5% Wednesday is the “best” day to send outreach emails ing to social profiles in email signatures may result in better response rates.

  • WhatsApp fixes a vulnerability

    WhatsApp fixes a vulnerability that let third-parties remotely install spyware on targeted devices; a bug in WhatsApp’s audio call feature let malicious actors gain access, even if a call wasn’t answered; the flaw was reportedly exploited by Israel-based NSO Group, whose tools have previously been linked to the surveillance of Saudi Arabian dissidents –