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  • Podium – Manage your customer reviews from one dashboard!

    Ignoring customer reviews about your business can be a costly mistake. In addition to letting customers submit feedback on your site, also pay attention and respond to reviews and complaints they’re leaving in other places online. Podium is a review management tool that lets you collect and respond to reviews from over 20 different sites, all in one dashboard. Get notified about new reviews and manage and respond to reviews right on your phone or desktop.

  • Extract! Extract! How To Pull Emails Out Of LinkedIn

    Email extractors make it easier than ever, however edIn has banned certain services and plugins for their ‘growth hacking’ features. For example, was one of the most popular extractors until edIn banished them in 2017. For now, you might try the SignalHire Chrome Extension, because it extracts both personal and business emails from edIn. As opposed to other extractors in the market, SignalHire doesn’t just generate work emails using most common email patterns in a company; it also finds and verifies emails across the WEB in real time. This way emails are always fresh and accurate. In addition, the extension finds cell/mobile and office phone numbers. More

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